Do you know why high temperature resistant tape shows residual glue?

Source:Dongguan Xingguang New Material Technology Co., Ltd.      Time:2020-05-26 17:39:34

1. The temperature resistance of the high temperature resistant tape is lacking. During the process of high temperature surface treatment such as baking paint and oil injection, the temperature of the high temperature environment changes greatly. The baking paint treatment generally requires the high temperature resistant tape to reach the temperature resistance of 210 degrees to 220 degrees, and the oil injection is general. The high temperature resistant tape is required to reach 180 degrees -200 degrees; it is recommended that you should go to a professional covering and maintenance product manufacturer to buy high temperature resistant tape. Not only the high temperature tape will be more guaranteed, but the more professional skilled personnel will provide you with more professional skills. And trial, so that you will not show residual glue in batch processing, which will bring you economic loss.

2. Whether the temperature of the coating line or the spraying line is within the high temperature required by the surface process, whether the temperature is too high, check whether the furnace temperature sensor equipment is normal;

3. The quality problem of the high temperature resistant tape product itself, whether the high temperature resistant tape is heated and cured strictly in accordance with the pressure-sensitive adhesive baking data during the coating production process, the curing time is not good, or the coating line speed is too fast, which will cause glue and bottom The three components of glue and substrate cannot be combined;

4. After the high temperature resistant tape is coated, the semi-finished product should be allowed to stand for 2-3 days before being used for rewinding and slitting. The intention is to allow the glue to be fully combined with the substrate, and the glue is completely cured in its natural state; different products The use precautions are different, it is recommended that you follow the product use precautions to operate and use.