What is the role of high temperature tape?

Source:Dongguan Xingguang New Material Technology Co., Ltd.      Time:2020-05-26 17:35:24

What is the role of high temperature tape? High-temperature tape is a kind of electronic industrial tape that can be used to protect objects in high-temperature environments. Everyone knows that there are many types of high temperature tapes, and there are many industries that can be used. In order to let everyone know what the role of high-temperature tape is, next, our high-temperature tape manufacturer will discuss this issue with you.

First of all, take TFL high temperature tape, because its high temperature resistance range exceeds 300 degrees, and it has strong corrosion resistance and alkali resistance. TFL high temperature tape is often used for high temperature sizing machine drums and heating plates. , Thermoplastic demolding workpieces, etc.

Secondly, high temperature tape is also widely used in electronic protection and paste, especially suitable for tin furnace temperature protection, wave soldering tin shielding gold fingers, leather connections, resistance containers, circuit boards gold finger high temperature protection, electronic transformers, motors, etc. Electronic components that need high temperature resistance and moisture protection. These high temperature tapes have the advantages of high temperature resistance, high tensile strength, and good chemical resistance.

Finally, the high temperature tape can be used for high temperature protection of various parts that need heat treatment when the packaging bag is sealed. High temperature tape can be used for protection.