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Description:一. Product compositionThis type of protective film is made of PET (polyester film) and PI (polyimide film) as substrates
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一. Product composition

This type of protective film is made of PET (polyester film) and PI (polyimide film) as substrates, one side coated with organic silica gel water coating, and composite release.


二. Product features

1. This kind of product has suitable bonding strength to various objects to be pasted such as metal, plastic, glass, etc., and good retention performance.

2. Excellent heat resistance, long-term temperature resistance> 200°C, instantaneous temperature resistance 260°C.

Application field

1. Used in the SMT industry to paste flexible circuit boards in wave soldering and reflow soldering.

2. Used in high temperature processes such as printing and spray coating.

3. Used for high temperature protection of battery pack side.

4. For fixing glass cover plate by vacuum coating.

5. Metal CNC is resistant to cutting fluid protection, etc.